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    Link DIR's in MAC


      I'm not a wiz on code, but I try and I need some help please.

      I'm building a hybrid CD to play on both PC & MAC and some of my links will open a new Director movie located in a subfolder.

      When I publish for both PC & MAC it works fine on a PC, but when I open the initial OSX file on the MAC machine, the links to other Director OSX file won't open because the MAC is looking for an OSX extension. .

      Can I add anything to my code below which will open a Director EXE file on a PC or a Director OSX file on a MAC?

      on mouseUp me
      global gDelimiter
      baOpenFile(myTempPath, "normal")

      THANK YOU,

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          It looks like you're trying to open an application. Is this necessary or
          could you simply navigate to another Director file without making it
          into a projector? IOW, what is your ultimate aim?
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            Hello Sean,

            The bottom line is when I click on a button I want it to open another director movie. When I build the link on the button, I'm telling it to open the director movie instructions.exe, and that works fine on a PC. The problem I'm running into is when I publish the project for playing on both PC and MAC. The button with the link is looking for the instructions.exe file and when played on a Mac, the file is changed to instructions.osx, therefore the link will not work as it's looking for the .exe extension not the .osx extension you use for a MAC.

            Is there a way you can include both the .exe and .osx extenions within the lingo of the button or another way to do this?

            I know the code I'm using now shows PDF, but it's just something I copied and seems to work in a PC environment. As I mentioned, I'm not a code wiz like most folks, so I'll copy something from the forums, modify and test. If it works, I'll use it.

            I appreciate any help you can throw my way.


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              > The bottom line is when I click on a button I want it to open another director
              > movie.

              So you should try using _movie.go(1, "movieName") to navigate to your
              second file - that way you don't need to turn it too into a projector
              (and you can leave the extension off the filename when using the above
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                Thanks Sean,

                Good idea.

                I did find another work around and that's instead of publishing the movie as PC & MAC at the same time, publish the PC first, change the .exe to .osx extension on the button link and then publish as MAC. An extra step, but worked great.

                Thanks again for you help. I know I'll be back.