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    What happens to webfont embed codes if a business user leaves their company and their CC license is cancelled?


      I run a small (two person) web firm that uses CC. We're about to add an employee, so I'll be switching to a business account and setting them up with a CC seat. From time to time this employee will be developing websites that use fonts from Typekit.


      If/when this employee leaves the firm and his seat is cancelled, what happens to the embed code/TypeKit ID? Will it stay active for the company or just disappear (screwing up the fonts of the sites that are using them)?


      If the codes will disappear, is there a simple way to keep track of which embed codes are used so they can be set up by another user in the firm?


      Thank you.

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          Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi Jason,


          Thanks for your interest in Typekit. There won't be any interruption to the font serving for your websites if an employee's Creative Cloud subscription ends. Removing a user from your Creative Cloud team subscription does not automatically delete the web font kits from Typekit; you would need to sign in to the Typekit website and chose to delete the fonts as well.


          Typekit Support will be able to help you to transfer those kits to another employee who has Creative Cloud or, if that isn't an option for any reason, convert the Typekit account to a standalone subscription. (The standalone Typekit plan would be billed separately from Creative Cloud; current subscription prices are available on our website: https://typekit.com/plans.)


          In either case, email us at support@typekit.com for more information when (if) you need to make these changes.  You can also feel free to get in touch at that email with any other questions you have on using Typekit.


          I hope that this helps!  Best,

          -- liz

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            CuriousChip Level 3

            I have a similar situation. I have a personal CC subscription and built a website for a nonprofit group I'm involved with using Muse and Typekit fonts. I am now very worried that the website will be ruined if something happens to me and my CC account ends. I want to switch the site to a separate standalone Typekit account to ensure that it will stay together if I am out of the picture. This is a serious issue -- I'm not in good health, and I am in the process of setting everything up so that management of the site can be transferred if I am no longer able to be the webmaster. I wrote to Typekit support asking  how I could do this. I got a breezy answer back telling me it was impossible! I can't transfer the site to a different account. To quote,


            Unfortunately, this isn't something we can do easily. Since the site was built with your Creative Cloud subscription, the fonts are connected to it now.


            I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help there. Because Muse is using your Creative Cloud subscription and the Typekit integration, the fonts are associated with this subscription.


            I wonder how many people realize this? It's crazy to assume that people will only ever make sites for themselves. This is causing me near panic. I never would have used Muse and Typekit if I'd known this. This website was a project that consumed most of a year. And Typekit is basically telling me now that it's going to die with me and my group is going to be left without? I can't even begin to express how upsetting this is.


            Please tell me if there actually is a way to keep the site online, with its fonts, if my CC account ends. This is terrible.