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    typekit fonts aren't persistent

    davidicus Level 1

      hi there! i Add Fonts From TypeKit (Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign, it doesn't matter) and use them in a document. later, i open the document, and the Missing Fonts error appears. no TypeKit fonts are available. Creative Cloud reports all the fonts Synced.


      frustrating. aren't they supposed to stick around?! i don't open these applications daily, so i'm not sure if there are restarts or updates in between sessions where the fonts disappear yet, but since Creative Cloud always reports the fonts synced, that shouldn't be relevant, right?

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi David,

          Do you see this happening in all 3 apps listed or mainly Indesign? As long as you are adding the fonts for desktop use for Typekit. You should not see a missing font message when opening the file. Are you using Mac or PC? If you are using a Mac. Are you using any other font management software or just using the Mac Font book?

          Which fonts did you notice issue with? I can try to reproduce the issue for you. If the fonts are synced you should have no issues.



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            davidicus Level 1
            • hi! the fonts are missing from all three apps.
            • i'm on PC; font management is straight up.
            • including a screenshot. you can see CC fonts it thinks are synced, a document highlighting font problems, and a font menu where they'd usually appear at the top.
            • one important thing i just learned: it took about ten minutes to get all this in order (and track down some log files), and when i returned to inDesign, the fonts were corrected, no longer missing. is it possible it just takes this long?


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              I have this problem all the time too. Sometimes they come back. It is so annoying. Try repeatedly disconnecting from wifi and logging in from creative cloud over and over and closing and opening the programs a bunch of times.


              Sometimes that works.

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                We also have that problem, plus every time Adobe pushes out an update for Creative Cloud, we lose our fonts until we update. This causes our team big problems as our security will not allow updates from Adobe to come through. Our IT team has spent countless hours trying to figure out why updates won't go through. They have allowed the sites that Adobe says to allow, but the updates won't go through. This is so frustrating not only for our team, but for our IT staff!!!