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    How can I change print presets?


      Between the last time I used InDesign (CS3) and now, I upgraded my Mac system software to OS 10.9.5 AND replaced my old printer (which had died) with a new one.  Now when I open a doc in InDesign CS3, I can work with it just fine, but can't print it.  Initially, the PRINT command would cause the beach ball to spin and the ID to crash.  When I looked deeper, I find that ID is still retaining my old printer's information as the default printer, even though I deleted it from the system (I not only deleted the old printer via System Preferences for printing, I actually RESET the printer preferences).  My new printer is the only printer (thus the default printer).  However, ID doesn't see it.  When I look at ID's FILE/PRINT PRESETS menu and click "DEFINE," it shows me that the preset [default] printer is my old printer.  If I then click on "New..." ID crashes; if I click on "Edit..." ID crashes.


      How can I get ID to see/recognize my new printer?  Is there an outdated list of printers somewhere within CS3 that doesn't include my new printer?


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Many thanks