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    Trying to Download Flashplayer


      I am so frustrated!  I have been trying to download Flash Player all afternoon.  Shockwave is not in my toolbars & extensions.  How do I get it there?

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          andys75622553 Level 3

          Hi Nancy,


          What Operating system are you using?


          If you are using Windows, what version - Windows Vista, or Windows 7, or Windows 8?


          Are you trying to install Flash Player for the first time or you trying to update Flash Player?


          I am using Windows 7. When I click on Start and then Control Panel, (make sure you are in Large Icons VIEW not Category); I can see the Flash Player Icon listed.


          If I then click on the Flash Player Icon and then click on the Advanced tab I can see an Updates section that shows me the version of Flash Player that is currently installed.


          I hope this info helps.

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            Me too. I bought this computer for my mom, and she needs flash installed. I can't do a speed test on this computer, because it requires flash, which tries installing at all of 2 kb per second, spends an hour getting to 30% and fails, but my connection shows 64 mb per second on my laptop, which is using the same connection.  Specs: Windows 7 64 bit, 4 gb memory, and have no problems downloading from other sites. I can stream a 2 gigabyte movie in a matter of minutes, while Flash is struggling to get 1 megabyte downloaded. This has been a problem at Adobe for a LOOOONG time; the last time I had to install Flash, when I bought the laptop a year ago, it took about 10 tries and all night.

            I think I ended up resorting to using a FTP link that somebody on the forums had posted back then, but it's been so long ago that I really don't remember, and can't find it today; it was posted a long time ago, after all.

            I hope Adobe eventually gets around to fixing this, and renews support for Android, which is another failure on their part.

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              pwillener Level 8

              I never had a problem downloading Flash Player; it usually downloads within less than 1 second (and I am 10,000km away from the Adobe download servers).