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    Split long text into multiple text frames by PARAGRAPH breaks, not by line breaks


      I am creating a catalog for an auction. Right now I have a long table in Word, where each row is one item in the catalog.

      I know how to place the table in InDesign and convert it into text so that each row is its own paragraph (click on table >> convert table to text).

      Now, I would like to run a script so that each paragraph becomes its own text box.

      I tried using the script by Jongware mentioned on this thread (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/652308), but it breaks up each LINE into its own text box, not each paragraph.

      One solution that has worked for me previously is to manually adjust the text boxes until every paragraph is in a separate box, then use the SplitStory script to unthread all of them. However, the catalog has over 100 items in it so that is extremely time-consuming. Is there a way to separate each paragraph into its own text box automatically?