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    Tree Drag and Drop


      I have two trees, Tree1 and Tree2. I want to copy a node from Tree1 to a specific node in Tree2. I have set up the following dragDrop event handler:

      private function doDragDrop(event:DragEvent):void {
      var dropTarget:Tree = Tree(event.currentTarget);
      var nodesToCopy:Array = event.dragSource.dataForFormat("treeItems") as Array;

      nodesToCopy gives me the data from Tree1 that I am copying and dropTarget gives me Tree2. But how do I know where in the XML data backing Tree2 to insert the data from Tree1? This works out of the box without any event handling when you want to move data from tree to tree, but the documentation says you have to write your own event handlers for coypying. Is it even possible to implement something for this scenario?

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          djhall77 Level 1
          Is there a way for me to know what node in the tree I am dragging over from the dragOver event?
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            Nataliefay Level 1

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