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    Questions: Creating a New Layer / Toggling Between Screen Modes

    LadyJemima Level 1

      I spent the day resetting my workflows and keyboard shortcuts as I transition from CS5.5 over to CC. One question about ID:


      1. Where is Create New Layer located in the InDesign menus? In CS5.5, I managed to create a custom shortcut in all three programs (PS, AI, ID). In Creative Cloud, no matter how hard I look in InDesign, I can’t find a place in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box to make a shortcut for this command.


      2. In Photoshop and Illustrator, pressing the F key toggles between screen modes. In InDesign CS5.5, it did the same. However, CC doesn’t seem to have this feature. It wants to assign three different shortcuts for Normal, Preview, and Presentation screens. Is this correct, and is there any way to revert back to an “F” key toggle?


      Thank you!