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    How do I correct random audio pops in Premiere Elements 13?


      Please help me with this audio issue! I hear occasional pops (skipped words, not smooth narration) in my edit. I shot the footage with a Rode video mic, but have not had this problem with this microphone before, and furthermore the pops appear not on the same marks every time, so it is not embedded in the original footage and therefore I conclude that the original audio quality is fine. At first I thought it was a yet-to-render issue, but after rendering it (while editing), and ALSO after publishing it to my computer to watch a version there, I still here random pops. Once I published it to my computer, the pops were stuck to specific points in the edit, but this is not so when I watch my edit in Elements, the pops are always in different places, and often will not be there when I roll back to try to immediately listen again for a just-heard pop.


      Can anyone help with this? How can I smooth out my audio?