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    Importing images into a JPEG sequence?


      When I attempt to upload a sequence of stills, 'Import As...' remains blank and unselectable but is supposed to be footage by default - according to the tutorial I'm following. I've also tried to tamper with the drop-boxes I am able to select when importing, and nothing seems to change. The JPEG sequences selection box doesn't appear altogether either. How do I modify the selected file before importing? I'm a complete beginner.. and have to know this part of my coursework. I'm also using a Windows, but the tutorial is on a Mac, if that's of any significance.


      Any help is appreciated!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know. You have not provided any exact system info, no details about your image sequence, where it's stored, how it's numbered and so on. All you have done is given a lengthy, but unuseful "it doesn't work" description.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you want to import an image sequence all you have to do is have a numbered sequence of images. For example img_001,jpg, omg_002.jpg and so on. At the bottom of all image import dialogue boxes in AE you will find a check box for footage or image sequence. The exact wording and layout for this check box depends on the version of AE and the language you used to install. Select any image in the sequence, make sure the sequence box is checked and click OK and your sequence is imported as a single image sequence or movie. Select Multiple images in the sequence and uncheck the sequence box and the multiple images will each come in as a separate file unless you have the sequence box checked. If the sequence box is checked then all images in that folder that appear to be in a sequence will be imported as a single image sequence file. You may have missing frames if the images have similar frames or if there are other images in the same folder. After Effects will treat all images with the same extension as a sequence and try to use image names instead of numbers to put them in the right order.


            Here's the import dialogue from CC with one image selected. Please note that if there are no images selected or there is only one image in the folder you will see the words Sequence Not available in the window.

            Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.53.48 AM.png

            No images selected:

            Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.59.24 AM.png

            If your import window or panel does not look something like this one then please post a screenshot and tell us the complete version number of AE and your full version number of the OS you are using.