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    how to jump to a cue point when your buttons are on a different scene??

      hi guys!!!
      well, im new here and more or less new with action script, that´s why i want to ask you this:

      im making a flash movie which is going to have a video with cue points, what i wanted to do is to create a menu of buttons in one scene let´s say scene 1 and the video is in scene 2, what i want is that when you press one of the buttons who are in the menu of scene 1 it takes you to the cue point on the video which is on scene 2, think of it like one of those chapter selection menus that you see on dvds, now my problem is that i don´t know what i have to do in order to let the button know that i want it to jump to the cue point, i´ve been able to do this if the buttons are on the same scene where the video is, but when i try to make this with the buttons on a different scene i can´t jump to the cue point, so far i´ve only been able to make the button go to the video and play it but it doesn´t go to the cue point, this is driving me mad please can anybody here tell me how to do this??? i have found hundreds of ways to do it with the buttons on the same scene but none with the buttons on a different scene, thanks!!!!