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    Table of Contents locking up ID2014


      In trying to generate a Table of Contents for a book file Indesign 2014 stops responding when OK is checked. This has happened repeatedly and will happen even when doing a very simple TOC as a check. Any suggestions? I have generated TOCs before

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Can you post (on Dropbox or analogous service) a sample file with a simple TOC? That will tell us if it's something local to your computer, or something about the way you're making your TOC.


          I'm guessing it's your computer, honestly, because all I'm doing this morning is generating eighty TOCs in twenty languages in CC 2014. Maybe clearing your preferences would help?

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            The exact same thing is happening to me, and it's happening on 3 different Macs with separate installs of InDesign, and in two different projects on each machine. InDesign either locks up as soon as OK is clicked (keeping it frozen in its "pressed down" state), or it cycles through the documents in the book, then crashes with a "serious error has occurred, InDesign is shutting down" message. It's been going on for about 3 weeks in my case.