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    Need advice on school laptop CPU and RAM



      I've just started a Multimedia and Design education, where I will be working with Adobe cc - mostly Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign. I'm looking for a portable laptop to use while in school, and I have found one with a good IPS display and SSD.


      My question is, if I should I go with an dual core i5-4210M (2,6Ghz) or a quad core i7-4712MQ (2,3GHz)? - and If I should go for 8GB of RAM or 16GB?


      I have googled for hours now and people seem to have very different opinions on what these programs need in order to run good. I realize that more is better, but I want to know if it's necessary.


      At home I have a stationary PC with a 4790K, 16GB RAM, GTX 980, SSD +HHD which I will be using for all my work when at home. So the laptop I'm looking to buy is "just" my placeholder while in school - Not 8 hours a day as a job, but as a learning tool that will be sufficient and get the job done when I'm not at home.


      I'm really hoping some of you could shed some light on what I should be going for here.



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          At the very least 16 GB of RAM. 


          And plenty of HD or SSD available space to accommodate both the Photoshop scratch file and the swap files of your OS.


          The rule of thumb I follow to figure out scratch space says to figure on 50 to 100 times the size of your largest file ever multiplied by the number of files you have open.  I have seen the scratch file exceed 800 GB once, an admittedly rare occurrence, but it often exceeds 200 GB when stitching large panoramas and the like.


          As an example—and stressing that I'm aware that others have even more scratch space than I do—I keep two dedicated, physically separate hard drives as my primary and secondary Photoshop scratch disks and a lot of GB free on my boot drive for the OS.  I also have 16 GB of RAM installed.


          Additionally, if you only have a single HD, i.e. your boot drive, you'd need it to be large enough to accommodate both the swap files of the OS as well as Photoshop's scratch.