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    Indesign menus are acting up on my Windows 8 Creative Cloud version


      I have used Indesign for some years - love it.  Upgraded to the Cloud suite and have been using Illustrator/Photoshop/Premier but when I go to use Indesign the window acts funny.


      File Menu is there - I can select it but when I scroll down to select a submenu item - it jumps over to View

      Same for Edit menu - but it jumps to Window and Layout jumps to Help




      Odd behvior and I find a reason why I don't NEED to do what I want in InDesign so I move on.  I am about to do that again - since what I need to do is simple enough.


      Bottom line is that I have yet to successfully use InDesign on my Windows 8 laptop.


      Any advice is welcome.