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    Cannot 'hide PS window whilst batch processing

    Brendo888 Level 1

      When I batch process images I cannot hide the Photoshop window as it processes the files. Even clicking on hide in the dock does not work. If I click on another window behind PS it will come to the front but soon after PS takes over. Anyone know how to hide the window as it processes? Very annoying. Its only since PS went to CC that I seem to have an issue.

      I use Mac OS X 10.7.5


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          Emmie50706971 Level 1

          Are you talking about the Application Frame (I haven't used batch processing in years so I'm not sure what you're looking at)?

          Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.27.26 AM.png

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            SSandlin Level 2

            Unfortunatley NO ONE is going to ever answer or address this PROBLEM! The only solution that I have found is to resize the photoshop window as small as it will go and drag the entire window to the lower left corner as far as it will go so I can continue to work on other folders. It is incredibly irritating that PhotoShop has just decided to allow their product to dominate the screen while it should be doing the batch processing in the background. I mean seriously, I have no desire to be FORCED to watch photoshop go through a batch process before I can do anything else. We run a virtual tour business and we always have to "remember" to resize PS and drag every time we need to run a batch! I also have several serious PET PEAVES about Bridge! Unfortunately again, they dominate the market and its clear they know it and could care less about actually fixing KNOWN issues before they move off to other projects.

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              Tex Jenkins

              Add this to my list of Photoshop issues that have bothered me for over a decade. I believe in you guys, you can fix it!