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    Spot colors merging?


      Hello everybody!


      I was recently assigned to do the layout / editorial design of a small magazine.

      It consisted of illustrations by various artists and was printed with two inks. A typical situation I would say.


      I asked all the illustrators to send me their files as .ais or .pdfs and that they already had assigned to (random) spot colors (with a hint on their names about the order and their desired overprints).

      I had in mind that it would be rather simple that upon importing them in InDesign I would just merge the corresponding spot colors of each illustration to the two ones that were actually used.

      Well, of course I learned the hard way that this kind of merging in not possible in InDesign (unlike Illustrator).


      So, what would your technique be to merge spot colors that import with files to the ones are actually going to be printed / chosen.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          From the Swatches panel menu open the Ink Manager. From there you can alias any spot color to any other color.

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can merge spot colors using the Ink Alias feature of the Ink Manager. You'll find the Ink Manager in several locations, but the easier is probably from the Swatches panel menu. Select the ink you'd like to alias from the list of inks in the file, and assign it to the ink you want to output with.


            After aliasing your inks, you can check your work in the Separations Preview panel (Window > Output > Separations Preview).

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              k· Level 1

              @P Spier and @Steve Werner

              Thanks for your quick replies.

              I actually knew about the Ink Alias feature (this is eventually the way I did it) but it is not that convenient

              as I got around 30 spot swatches in my Swatches panel and a lot of aliases in the Ink Manager so it was at least confusing.

              The Separations Preview does help but when actually designing is distracting to have all the imported graphics using different colors.


              Again, thanks for your help.