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    InDesign quits working before it initializes fully - help, please!!


      I've used InDesign through Creative Cloud since April 2014 - this is new just today.  As InDesign is powering up, it quits working, with these details:


      Problem Event Name: BEX64


        Application Name: InDesign.exe


        Application Version:


        Application Timestamp: 5424e38b


        Fault Module Name: MSVCR110.dll


        Fault Module Version: 11.0.51106.1


        Fault Module Timestamp: 5098826e


        Exception Offset: 00000000000740c4


        Exception Code: c0000409


        Exception Data: 0000000000000007


        OS Version: 6.3.9600.


        Locale ID: 1033


        Additional Information 1: 01c2


        Additional Information 2: 01c25fdf6c5440c6fa6771eb4b1592c9


        Additional Information 3: 60bd


        Additional Information 4: 60bd4c5d19fabc467d6494c4301e6be7


      My daughter talked me through rolling back the graphics driver.  Then I installed a driver from the Intel site.  Nothing has worked.  Can someone please help?  My newspaper is due at the printer in 8 hours!!