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    Lightroom stopped importing portrait


      As of today, my Lightroom 5.7.1 no longer imports portrait pictures as portrait. The last import I did was the 3rd of Feb and it correctly identified and imported portrait pics the correct way round.

      I also had to relog into Lightroom today as the auto login function seems to be broken AGAIN....


      My Canon 6D is correctly setup to auto rotate the pictures and when I preview them on the camera they are correctly orientated.


      I thought paying money each month meant that the software was meant to be updated and fixed on a regular basis, but it seems as flakey as ever.


      Any ideas?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Presumably the images in question are untouched by any other camera drivers or software other than LR before LR doesn’t show things correctly, right?  Unless LR was updated between Feb 3 and now, it’s unlikely LR that’s changed.


          Is the orientation detected in the Import thumbnail grid but is lost after the images are imported, or missing both places?


          Are these images raw or jpg or some other format from some other program?


          Would you mind uploading one of your errant images that was taken in portrait and shows correctly on your camera but not in LR?  Use dropbox.com and post the share link, here.


          And let us know what camera-auto-rotation setting it was taken with:  none, computer-only, camera & computer?

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            Stark101 Level 1

            Thanks for the response.

            The images are untouched, when previewing the import, they are all landscape. I didn't import as I didn't want to have to delete and redo it. They are all RAW images, no JPEG sidecars.

            The setting on the camera was Computer Only.


            I'd rather not upload if that's ok?


            In the end, I imported them using the Canon importer (no changes) and then did a second import from Lightroom which then correctly identified the correct aspect ratio.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I wanted to examine one of the photo’s metadata.  You can take an out-of-focus picture of nothing and upload that, or was it only one batch and now it’s ok, again?


              I have my 7D Mark II set to Computer-only and things work ok in the Import grid and later once imported.