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    Can I export Warp Stabilizer Data?


      I have two identical video clips, they match frame for frame, however one of them is under exposed and is a lot darker. Therefore it is a lot harder for warp stablizer to work.


      Can I somehow export the data from the warp stabilizer on the clip that it works on to apply it to the under exposed clip?


      I would use Mocha to stabilize the shot, but I am having difficulties with it, since it requires frames to match throughout and my shot is rotating.

      Any help is greatly apprecaited TIA

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          Arivl Level 1

          I believe if you have the two clips in the same comp you can run the stabilization on the better clip, and then simply copy and paste the whole filter to the other one.


          That being said, another option would be to stabilize the better clip, and then color correct it to match the darker one.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have identical footage then you either had a motion control camera, and even then it's highly unlikely to be exactly frame for frame unless the rig was very big, heavy and expensive and your actors were robots because anything moving in the scene would throw off the warp stabilizing, or the camera was locked down and there was nothing moving in the scene. There must be some differences in the shots or there would be no need to work on the one that is under exposed.


            There is nothing keeping from you from making exposure or color grading adjustments on the original clip then pre-composing or rendering a clean copy, and warp stabilizing that clip. I don't think anything else is going to work.

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              I have the same question but for another purpose though. I am looking for a way to export warp stabiliser data (position and rotation). In another thread I have found how to export coordinate data for a layer by generating a keyframe for every frame and then copy paste it to a text document. But this doen't work for the results of the warp stabiliser. Does anyone have an idea how to do it?


              Thank you in advance.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Warp stabilizer does not generate keyframes and the data is far more than just position, scale, and rotation. Because of the way every pixel is individually adjusted based on motion vectors and the edges are handled by scaling or by generating pixels from thin air your idea is faulty. No position, scale, and rotation values are generated when you use Warp Stabilizer. When you apply Warp Stabilizer none of the layer properties are modified. Press the u key twice to verify for yourself.


                If you need position, scale, and rotation data then you need to use Stabilize Motion in the Motion Tracking workspace and pick two areas of significant detail to track. This is entirely different than Warp Stabilizing.


                If you explained in detail what you are trying to accomplish there is probably a way, but Warp Stabilize is completely the wrong tool for trying to match motion of a camera or of something in a scene.

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                  aaikes89257404 Level 1

                  Thanks for your quick response. I'll briefly explain what I am trying to do.


                  I am working on a media art installation, in which a beamer stabilizes video footage in a physical way. Meaning that the beamer is mounted to a mechanical construction with 2 or 3 axes that move and thus 'neutralise' the movement in the video.


                  So I need to synchronize the movement of the construction to the video footage that is projected. That is why I am looking for a way to export position and rotation data in order to give to the programmer.


                  I hope that is somehow clear. I do not necessarily want to use warp stabiliser but am looking for a tool that does the calculation work for me.


                  Your help is much appreciated.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you are looking to stabilize motion in a plane I would use Moch AE and export corner pin tracking data. This will give you 4 corners.


                    The only other option that I see would be to use Motion Tracking and track rotation and scale. This will give you the relative position, scale, and rotation of 2 points in the scene. Then it would be up to the software that moves the projector to figure out the movement. The problem is probably not nearly as simple as you think it is.

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                      aaikes89257404 Level 1

                      Thank you for your help.