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    Blurry Text?

    joshnx Level 1

      I recently exported a jpeg with text on it (11 pts) but for some weird reason when i view the jpeg all the text and images appear blurry, that is, of course until I zoom in on it once and then everything is crisp. can anyone help? I really don't know whether its a view issue or export issue.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know. You have not provided any useful details like how you are viewing it, system info, export settings etc.



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            joshnx Level 1

            The file was exported as jpeg with maximum (12) quality, attached is a sample of differences when viewing normally and zooming in once using standard windows photoviewer,test.jpgimage to the left is default view and right is zoomed in once


            As mentioned when I zoom in once, the text and imaes appears crisp however when just opening the file, images and text appear blurry.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              How are you using the graphic? Small text rarely works well as raster image regardless of the JPG quality.  If going to a printer, leave the text layer intact, and save as PDF using the high quality print preset.  If going to the web then even for banners I think raster text looks nasty.  For small type it should be avoided if at all possible.


              If you could tell us how and where you intend using the end product, someone might offer a better approach.

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                joshnx Level 1

                The graphic is going to be used in a web PDF, would increasing the font size be a better option? and if created in illustrator would it generate the same results?

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  InDesign would be a better tool for the job, but Photoshop can do a decent job of it.  Just leave all text layers intact, and save as a PDF.  I know some online magazines actually export with the High Quality Print preset.  It doesn't impact too badly on file size, and you keep full image quality.  For a test, try saving as PDF and zooming way way into that pdf.  The text will always look beautiful.


                  This is one of the magazine I was talking about, although I think it uses SWF format for the lovely page turning effects (from InDesign)


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                    joshnx Level 1

                    Thank you! saving as a pdf did the trick, however, I still wonder why when saving as a jpeg creates such blurry images and text on default view and why when zoomed in it is crisp and not blurry, in any case thanks again.