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    currency converter

      im am currently making a program in director as some kind system that shows data and information on courties within europe. i want to put a currency convertor in my system. i want it to go from pounds to all the currencies in europe (or at least the main ones) and then from the other currencies back to pounds. can any please advice me how i would do this??? thansk very much
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          BigDaddy Level 1

          Sounds like simple math/Lingo.

          Set the float in your startMovie script

          the floatPrecision = (? how many decimal places you want to calc to)

          Then do a calculation script.

          on mouseDown

          P = integer(member("pounds').text)
          D = float(P * (?D rate change))
          E = float(P * (?E rate change))
          ...so on

          member("dollars").text = string(D)
          member("euros").text =string(E)
          ...so on


          Try that!

          Big Daddy