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      I was checking My Account this evening for some aspects and found that the listing of S/Ns and information for all products prior to currently supported products is gone. The puts the issue of helping folks with versions of Acrobat prior to XI as an issue. I did not have X and it may be everything before X, not XI. This is similar to the elimination of all updates from the HTML site and sending them to the FTP site (I have not check recently to see if those older updates have been eliminated also). This process of providing information on only currently supported versions that have been purchased is not an acceptable practice from my perspective. I know that Acrobat is being pushed for corporate type customers who tend to stay current, but why tick off the individual user? That user may just be an individual who has an influence on the company he works for. I find the attitude of Adobe about users of older products by removing links to information and unfriendly and Adobe already gets hit with a lot of the from customers in the forums (why a lot of folks came to the forums in the first place, including me). It looks like Adobe and Microsoft are in a race to tick off users of older products. For Windows, I am seeing folks move to the MAC or Linux. For Acrobat I see folks moving to third party products. Is Adobe trying to go bankrupt?

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          I still see my old products (going back to Acrobat 8, but not earlier) via

          this link - you have to wait for a relatively long time until the list gets




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            That did work, but is not the way I get to look at my old products normally. I open Adobe.com, (login if needed), select My Account and then the products and services. It that view I do not get the older versions. It appears that all of Adobe's different pages provide information in inconsistent ways. They need to simplify the site so things can be maintained better. Pretty is not necessarily better. For a long time it was difficult to find the one page that gave the upgrade option for instance. This mix of web pages is a disaster in the making (some would say Adobe created the disaster a long time ago).


            UPDATE: I take that back. I clicked on your link for MyAccount and it no longer shows older products. I have products going back to AA 5 that were registered as I recall. Actually I had Acrobat back to AA 2. I only see the XI there. I did not have X. There is no 9, 8, or previous versions. So it looks like a change since you posted that link.