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    Maintain transparency and 'multiply' in InDesign when saving to PSD from Corel RIF




      I'm new to InDesign but not Adobe and would like to ask about best practices for layering images that contain transparency.

      My current project is a children's book that contains a master background with the appearance of an old Victorian journal. (brown, stained etc)

      My copy overlays this beautifully but I'm struggling to place the artwork.


      What I would like to do is create some artwork in Corel Painter (for its beautiful watercoloring), export to Photoshop and then place the PSD in to the page in InDesign.


      Exporting from Painter translates the 'gel' layer to 'darken' in PS. I can change this to Multiply no problem.

      When I remove the base layer in PSD (a temporary brown page graphic) the previously water-colored layers have an awful white fringe.

      When I place this file in InDesign there appears to be no way of 'multiplying' the layer over the nice brown artwork I have for the page and the awful white fringe remains.


      Did I assume too much? I figured that applying layer attributes would be common throughout Adobe's software.


      I appreciate that this may be more of a poor workflow issue than an InDesign 'fault', but I'm curious as to whether anyone has any similar experience / advice.


      Many thanks,