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    How to get xml tag for table?

    anna duraim38716857




      This is my code for get xml tag for table in adobe indesign using applescript.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"

          tell active document

              if (count of story) > 0 then

                  tell story 1

                      if (count of tables) > 0 then

                          tell table 1

                              set tag_name to associated XML element

                              if (tag_name = nothing) then

                                  display dialog ("This table has no tag")


                                  set markup_tag to markup tag of tag_name

                                  set n to name of markup_tag

                                  display dialog ("Tag name is " & n)

                              end if

                          end tell

                      end if

                  end tell

              end if

          end tell

      end tell


      I can't get xml tag for table , please give any suggestions.