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    CEP vs. CSXS - what about the old extension functions?

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      i am building an ILST plugin where extensions are embedded.

      The extensions are built with HTML and JS/Jquery - so not with the SDK panelsuit.


      Espacially with CSXSWindowtype = "Panel" extensions I have some problems:


      I actually only want to hide the panel through JS or C++ (Like hitting the X-Button) - I know questions like these have been around for a while! But there are so many inconsistent answers.


      When I do CSInterface().closeExtension() the panel stays open, only the HTML content closes - in addition this is an unload which I don't want to do.

      In the old CSXSInterface there where alot more functions like hiding etc. and also events when the panel is closed, and many more.


      Where did they go? Will they be implemented in future interface releases?

      And is there any workaround for handling a panel (the CSInterface functions are so many less then the CSXS functions) - or is there just sth. I missed when reading everything possible - and fighting through forums within a week?


      Thanks for any answer!