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    Adobe photoshop express freezes on iPad

    yanob42961715 Level 1

      Hi, i have iPad. adobe photoshop express freezes often! What to do?

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          Amit Kumar Gupta Adobe Employee

          Which iPad & iOS version are you using? Is there any specific step or particular photo that freezes the app?

          Install the latest PS Express from the store. This might help.

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            I'm having the same same issue. After using express to edit a photo and I click done the picture goes blank with the "working" symbol in the middle of the screen. I've idelwted and reinstalled photoshop express twice to make sure it's up to date and still does this. Extremely frustrating that I can't edit photos

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              I'm having the same problem as well! It happens with my larger file photos that are stored in iCloud. My Canon DSLR raw files are around 20mb and Express will download them but after I make all the adjustments I want and try to save I get the working symbol which will run nonstop and never unfreezes unless I cancel out. If it was a photo in iCloud taken by my iPhone there's no issue, it saves those. It's only the larger files. I found that if I use the large photos and make a single slider change I can save that, but multiple changes on multiple sliders and it bogs down and gets stuck. I have updated all apps as well as my iOS and my iPad is Pro and not even a year old. It's the Express app that's the problem I believe. But it's the only Photoshop that's accessible from Apple's Photo editing app, so it saves the changes directly to Photos as well as to the iCloud. Extremely convenient when you work fr several devices as I do and want those changes to hold. Please fix this glitch!

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                Yes,  the same problem here.  I have 2017 iPad with 128gb.  I freezes 75% of the time when activating the program from within Apple's basic photo/editing app.  The files tend to be larger 8mg-14mb.   This needs to be fixed or I need better explanation.  Thanks

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                  Same problem ... it's rubbish - expect better than this from Adobe ... get your finger out !!