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    TextField not displayed [AS 3.0]

    nITiNkIlLeRmEeRuT Level 1
      Hi I downloaded and installed The Flash 9 authoring tool to learn AS 3.0.
      I tried the following sample in attachment. I have taken this sample from livedocs AS 3.0 flash.text.TextField help file.

      I Created the as file and saved the files as TextField_alwaysShowSelection.as
      Then i created fla file and saved in the same folder as TextField_alwaysShowSelection.fla
      In flash file i created the instance
      var tf:TextField_alwaysShowSelection = new TextField_alwaysShowSelection();

      No errors nothing but textfield didnot show up.
      I tried putting up trace after
      label1.alwaysShowSelection = true;

      trace(label1.text + " - " + label1.x + " - " + label1.y)

      It shows the correct values i tried visible property and a lot of other things like using border property the values return are correct but textfield is not displayed..

      Can anyone help me solving this...