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    Really bad quality DVD Export from Premiere Elements 12




      I have been trying to burn some DVD's for a client with Adobe Premiere Elements 12, I have built menus in the Premiere Elements project so exporting to a file and using another program to burn the project isn't really an option at this point.


      I have the tried burning the project with an MPEG2-DVD version of the video 720x480 bitrate 9000 kbps 23.976 fps, with export set to DVD - NTSC_Widescreen_DolbyDVD and the box saying "fit contents to available space" selected. I have also tried it with an .Mp4 version of the video at 1920x1080, bitrate 13795 kbps and 23.976 fps, same export settings in Premiere Elements.


      With both file types I am getting the same low quality export results- It just looks really pixelated, any text throughout the whole project is very unclear and hard to read. I have used the program in the past to make DVDs, using the .Mp4 HD video file (understanding that the video on a DVD will not be HD) and have had no issues, was usually very surprised by the good quality. Some of the test burns I have done will play perfectly from a PS3 via HDMI cable on a TV monitor, but look horrible to view from a laptop or standard DVD player.


      This issue is beginning to get very frustrating and is delaying me from getting a final product to my client- as I do not want to present them with a final product that will not play consistently on all devices. I don't work with this program often nor do I make DVDs for our projects very often, so any assistance that someone can provide would be very appreciated! Please Help!!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What Premiere Elements version have you used previously to obtain what you describe as surprisingly "good quality" DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc?


          I have been able to get DVD-VIDEO widescreen on DVD disc with good quality for playback on computer and even on one of those large screen screens TVs.

          I have several versions of Premiere Elements installed on my computer and will do a comparative study using the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc result from 12 and whatever version

          you name as the version where your results were good.


          What are the formats and properties of what are going into your Timeline content for the project? What is your project preset?


          Your comments suggest that in the past you have been able to produce DVD-VIDEO on DVD with Premiere Elements that you find good and acceptable. Let us

          see if we can pin point why not now.


          Thank you.



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            Thanks for the quick response ATR,


            The version which i have had success with is the same version that I am using now, Premiere Elements 12. The only differences in the type of file that I used for the project which was successful and my current project is that the Bitrate on the other video is 5244 kbps, could changing my bitrate to match this be a possible solution?


            The file I would like to use is .mp4 1920x1080, bitrate 13795 kbps, file size is 2.14 GB - is this all of the info you need?

            The video was exported from Premiere Pro, so If another format would work better I can export another version of the file (I have tried MPEG2 and haven't had success with this format either).



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Great information.


              So, you are working with the same Premiere Elements 12 program, just different source media properties.


              What were the full details of the successful project's source media that had the bitrate of 5244 kbps

              Video compression

              Audio compression

              Frame Size

              Frame Rate

              Interlaced or Progressive

              If interlaced, what field order

              File Extension

              Pixel Aspect Ratio


              I want to compare the above with what you are trying to use and not getting successful results.


              But, beyond all of the above, your details may suggest what may be going on with these reports about these DVD-VIDEO on DVD

              quality issues that pop up. Consider...

              1. Your surprisingly good DVD, used a source of 5.244 Mbps (megabits per second).

              2. Your present source has a bitrate of 13.795 Mbps.

              3. The Premiere Elements burn to DVD-VIDEO works off a 8.00 Mbps bitrate which is a variable one (but apparently not going above 8.00 Mbps). And the properties of the export will have the properties of the export settings.

              So, the "good" one has a bitrate lower than the program max and the " not so good" one has a bitrate higher than the program's max.

              4. We might speculate that there is a flaw in the burn to preset programing when the program is dealing with a bitrate higher than the max 8.00 Mbps and not one

              with a bitrate lower than the max 8.00 Mbps.


              According to your current workflow, you are creating this .mp4 (13.795 Mbps) file in Premiere Pro for import and export using Premiere Elements.

              What if you produced the .mp4 in Premiere Pro with a bitrate of 8.00 Mbps and used that for the import into Premiere Elements. Any better outcome

              for the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc? This idea assumes that you are not going to take a significant hit in quality for the file even before it see Premiere Elements.


              Just an idea that might be significant or a grand dud.


              Looking forward to your comments and results.


              Thank you.