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    newbie question, PLEASE help

    Level 7

      I'm experianced director programmer but totally new to 3D features
      Now I have to use it in my project and I need a small example or or good

      I have a lot of parallelepiped-Objects on the screen, they are stored like
      boxes in the warehouse - N rows x M columns build one "layer", there can
      be a couple of layers stored on each other

      each parallelepiped is single sprite, that have to responce to
      useractions(mouseover, mouseclick etc)

      What I need is to move camera arount and look on this structure of
      parallelepipeds from all sides.

      I would very appreciate, if someone can point me to some example, which
      shows this. It would be enough when there are 2 different objects on the
      stage and the user can move the point of view to the left or to the right
      so, that we can make complete circle around of this 2 separate

      Any help will be appreciated