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    AE CC2014 will not let me select individual/collective mask points, or boundaries on a pre comp and therefore moves the entire comp or scales (depending on where I've clicked obviously)

    Zac Mediazoo

      I'm working on a project that requires a similar style to the 'Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour' titles. I'm precomping photos so that I can do edits in a separate comp but then placing those pre comps into a master composition where I will use the camera and masks to reveal the images in the required sequence. I am having an issue selecting mask points. It was working fine with no issues earlier today, but now I cannot select single or collective points of a mask nor a boundary of one either. What happens when I do try is that it just moves or scales the comp entirely and ultimately the mask is useless as I cannot animate it at all. Hope someone can help! I've reported it as a bug to Adobe but because I'm unaware of the process that causes it I'm worried they won't get back to me. Any help or troubleshooting tips would be amazing! Thank you in advance!