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    after effects looping way too fast


      Hello all,


           First, please be advised I am brand new to this so please bare with me while I'm getting my feet wet. I followed this tutorial on youtube Make A Cool Intro | After Effects & Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube and go through most of it pretty easily, however, I used a 10 second time line and the loop seems to cross every second instead of over the 10 second period. Now, I did notice that if I click anywhere along the time line, I seem to have either a 1 second or 2 second interval all the way from 0 to 9, and can't ever actually get to 10 on the time line, only as far as 9 with the highlighted area covering the space between 9 and 10. I believe that is why it's looping so fast, however, I have absolutely no idea how to extend the area the entire 10 seconds. Any assistance would be highly appreciated!





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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Three items:


          First, if I understand the question correctly, hit the End key the CTI (aka timeline cursor) goes to the end of the comp.  Hit the e (for end) key to extend the comp workspace.  AE will RAM Preview as much of the timeline as there is RAM available.


          Ah, but we don't know how much RAM you have!  So you need to go here to learn the diagnositc info we need:

          FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?


          And third, YouTube tutorials can be iffy.  It's far better to lean AE from the AE Pros instead of some high school kid who can miss things, don't you think?  In which case, you go here:

          Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5,  CS6, & CC)

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            rayd52 Level 1

            oh boy, that's a list and a half!! Ok here we go


            after effects cc trial version for now and it shows up to date with a green check mark

            windows 7 64-bit OS with auto update turned on

            16GB of RAM

            AMD Phenom II Quad core 3.30 GHz B60 processor

            xfx R7850 Radeon w/1GB of video ram

            video driver version 14.501.1003.0

            Source footage is a .PSD file I created in photoshop which I can upload if you guys like

            I do not run quick time

            Software being used - photoshop, after effects, firefox, creative cloud application, avast anti virus

            No third party effects, no openGL, no third party codecs, just strictly after effects

            did not attempt to render, no ray-traced

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              rayd52 Level 1


              notice the circles? it looks like the effect is looping every second of the time line. I see points along the route the light takes as well, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing something to cause this, what however, I am clueless!

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                rayd52 Level 1

                Well I started a complete new comp and initially began with 450 frames and THEN I imported my photo into the composition and it's working fine now guys, apparently it kept using a default of only 1 frame when just dropping my image into AE the way it shows in the video.