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    Annual Subscriptions with Automatic renewal


      Since chat has been extremely UNHELPFUL.....Please let me know if you have any details to resolve my questions...


      1) Say I have an Adobe subscription that Is annual with automatic renewal, at the end of my term will I receive emails letting me know that my card will be charged? Is it only one email or many? How often are these emails send? (Example: Microsoft will send auto renew reminder emails 2 months, 1 month, 1 day, AND at day of expiration, to let customers know their card will  be charged soon- does Adobe do anything similar??) What is the timeline for email notifications (what days are they sent?)




      2) What is the return policy? Say I go forward and let Adobe auto renew and charge my card, but 15 days into the second year I decide that I no longer want the subscription...how many days do I have to get full refund?



      THANK YOU TO ANYONE THAT CAN HELP! Adobe chat is EXTREMELY unknowledgeable.