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    How to Sync Metadata between Originals and Virtual Copies

    Karsten Wind Level 1

      Is it possible to automate the synchronization of metadata between originals and virtual copies. I know that you can synchronize each set of original and virtual copy by using the Sync Metadata button.


      The scenario is that I have several hundred virtual copies in my library (black and white adjustments, alternative croppings etc.). All the originals and their virtual copies are all stacked and all stacks are closed to provide a better overview. I am now adding keywords and other metadata to my originals. All these metadata is only added to the originals and not the virtual copies. Date and time adjustments on the originals is also not reflected in the virtual copies. Only file name change will automatically be reflected in the virtual copies.


      Is there any way to copy the metadata from my originals into my virtual copies as a complete batch process for my complete library?