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    Replace an image by another with a javascript in Indesign CS6

    stefanmo02 Level 1

      I am really desperate.  I have no idea where to start since I have no knowledge of javascript.  Can anyone please help?

      I need a javascript that replaces 5 logo's in an active, multi-page, CS6 document.

      In certain cases the logo's need to be replaced.


      For example:


      logo1.pdf  has to become logoA.pdf

      logo2.pdf has to become logoB.pdf

      logo3.pdf has to become logoC.pdf

      logo4.pdf has to become logoD.pdf

      logo5.pdf has to become logoE.pdf


      All the logo's are in the same folder.  The original and the new logo's have the same dimensions /etc.


      So it would be nice to select the logo's that need to be repaced and then run the javascript.