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    Why are my prints shrinking when exporting files from NEF to Tiff despite not ticking the re-size box!


      When I export/convert my Nikon D7000 based raw files to Tiff files using Lightroom, in preparation for printing, the document size shrinks but the file size increases(see top image below)! This is despite not ticking the 'Resize to Fit' box on the export pop up.I know the file size will increase going from a raw to a Tiff file but I don't understand why this happens when the print size shrinks. This is even more puzzling if I export the same file as a raw file (+its related .xmp file) to another folder then save the file in Elements 9 as a Tiff folder since the size stays as it shoiuld be (see middle image below) I think it must be something to do with the way I am exporting directly to a Tiff format as if I export it as a .dng it still retains its size (see bottom image)


      Tiff image exported from Lightroom as a Tiff file then just viewed in Elements 9

      Export issue 1.jpg

      Raw file exported from Lightroom as a NEF raw file (with XMP) file then just saved as a Tiff in Elements 9

      Export issue 2.jpg

      NEF raw image converted to .dng file  through Lightroom & viewed in CS2

      export issue 3.png