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    can't install adobe flash player


      I am using Windows Vista and I have downloaded the Adobe Flash Player 20 times and each time it says finished but then if I try to use a program which needs the flash player it says it is not installed and wants me to install again.  I cannot even find a decent place for Adobe to help with the installation proceedure problems so here I am. I use IE for my browser but have tried firefox also. I tried the tool bar method someone offered thru the plug ins, but still no help. There must be something simple I am doing wrong but I do not have enough knowledge to figure it out.  Can some smart computer tech help me????


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          andys75622553 Level 3



          I am using Windows 7 not Vista so some things might be different on Vista.


          If you click on Start, and then Control Panel (I think you might have to be in "Classic View" in Vista), do you see a Flash Player Icon?


          If you see the Flash Player Icon and click on it does the Flash Player Control Panel come up?


          If the Flash Player Control Panel comes up, and you click on the Advanced tab does it show what versions of Flash Player is installed?


          When you have Internet Explorer running, if you click on  TOOLS, then click on Manage Add-ons does it show Adobe Shockwave Object as installed? - is it shown as Enabled?


          Like I said Vista might be different, but this might get you started in tracking down the problem.


          Good luck

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            lolly102051 Level 1

            thanks for responding. I have tried exactly what you suggest but the icon does not show. there is an installation icon but does nothing more than take me back to the adobe flash player installation site. I am sooo frustrated. I cannot even find out how to contact adobe!!

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              andys75622553 Level 3

              Click on the following link.


              Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows



              On the page that comes up go to the bottom where it says "Still having problems" and select the link for your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or?)


              I hope this works for you.