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    In Flash CC how do I convert/save the file to be able to be opened in CS3?

    mop52187053 Level 1

      Fourms, please help me out. I was just on the phone with an adobe customer service rep where I asked this same question giving the information:

      "I am an animator who is using flash CC. My 'client' has cs3 and wants me to send them the flash file for a test I'm doing for them. They can't open Flash CC or CS6. How do I convert my file in CC?"

      He had the nerve to tell me my "client" should upgrade. Like he's trying to sell me the idea I should tell them to upgrade. Jesus Christ, Adobe.


      My client isn't going to upgrade and it's too expensive for me to try to buy from someone online the flash cs3 program. Can anyone help me figure out a way I can send them my file?