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    PE 12 organizer and greyed out video clips


      I am trying to import video to PE elements 12 organizer. The video icons appear but they are greyed out, so I have to double click to see subject. I have looked at some tutorials and done a previous project one year ago and don't remember having this problem, What step am I missing to have the first frame of the video clip appear complete so I can organize without clicking to the editing mode? thanks

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Depending on the format of the video that was imported into Elements Organizer 12, you may never get a video representation within the thumbnail. And, under certain circumstances, no playback in Elements Organizer 12 player.


          First thing to do when you see your gray Elements Organizer 12 thumbnail


          1. wait a few seconds.

          2. if still gray thumbnail, and then right click the thumbnail and select and click on Update Thumbnail from the drop down menu

          that appears.


          What are the properties of the file that you are dealing with in the Elements Organizer 12? Did you ever update Premiere Elements 12 and Elements Organizer 12 to the 12.1 Update?



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            PCNoviceMesa Level 1

            Thanks for quick reply. I have tried waiting a few seconds and right clicking and Updating and neither brings up the clip. I have version 12.1. I have also purchased/installed PE 13, but decided to play around with 12.1 to practice again, as it has been about a year since I did anything with PE. The properties of the video are AVCHD video (.MTS).

            It puzzles me how a single software program (PE 12.1) which has 2 elements (organizer and editor), and they don’t behave the same way. That is, under editor, when I choose clips from my file folders, they appear so I can decide which I want. Under organizer, they are greyed out. Doesn’t make sense to me. How can you organize something which is greyed out and not visible? Anyway, I will keep working with it. Maybe PE 13 has fixed this.

            thanks again and am glad to know your expertise is still available.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the update.


              If you have not already, please update  Premiere Elements 13 Editor and Elements Organizer 13 each to 13.1 using Help Menu/Update.

              There is an issue with Elements Organizer 13 which targets no sound from AVCHD.mts when you try to play back

              the AVCHD.mts in Elements Organizer 13 player. The 13.1 Update should take care of that.


              Also, the Elements Organizer 13 slideshow opportunities are different than those in earlier versions. If you transfer a slideshow via catalog conversion from an

              earlier version to Elements Organizer 13, Elements Organizer 13/13.1 will accept it, but will convert it to the Elements Organizer 13 new slideshow

              format. More on that if and when you run into that situation.


              As you work through the programs, please do not hesitate to ask questions and to ask for clarification.


              As always, best wishes



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                PCNoviceMesa Level 1

                OK...again my ignorance of PE. I have upgraded to PE 13.1. It did this automatically when I opened it up. I also figured out I was not downloading video properly from my PC files when attempting to add to organizer. When I now do it, the video clip appears in the organizer as it should. I think I was clicking on ‘open’ rather than ‘get media’ when viewing videos in my PC files. Anyway, now it seems that things are working properly. I do recall a pop up appearing talking about converting a catalog to 13.1, which I clicked OK. I know nothing else about conversions. Thanks again for your help...


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Good news about the video clips in the Elements Organizer 13.


                  You are making great progress. The best is yet to come.


                  Best wishes