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    Can the build process be automated?

      Our company produces daily builds of our documentation. Currently we use WebWorks to achieve this. We make our changes in the source FrameMaker files, Webworks picks up these changes at the end of each day, and automatically generates the output. Is this sort of automation with regards to project generation possible in RoboHelp?
      For example, lets say I have imported all my source FrameMaker files into RoboHelp and set up everything just the way I want it. However, I'm adding to the content every day in my FrameMaker source files. Do I have to manually import the new files into my RoboHelp project every day...and manually fix everything in the RoboHelp project that goes along with it (ie. TOC)? Is there any way to set up a schedule for project generation, or for RoboHelp to automatically import files from FrameMaker into the project?
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          Roger N Level 2
          Sarah -

          RH 5.0 and earlier requires some extraordinary outside help; either a macro program, or a Windows script, to recreate the generation process automatically...

          RH 6.0 has some new features, including the ability to compile help systems from the command line without launching RoboHelp itself. Those are your choices.