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    Brush strokes very slow to render in PS 2014

    Grant Harvey

      Running CC PS 2014 on a MacPro 3.7 GHz with 32Gb RAM

      Large brush strokes take many seconds, sometimes tens of seconds, to render.

      I bought the MacPro with lots of RAM thinking the problem would be solved.

      I've fiddle with the GPU setting with no joy. I set the system on the MacPro via Migration Assistant from my 17" MBPro. The MBPro suffered the same problem despite 16Gb RAM.

      The MBPro system was migrated from a 2010 MacPro where I originally encountered the issue.

      My feeling is that somehow the issue has originated on the 2010 MacPro and has embedded itself on the current systems by using the Migration Assistant.

      The issue is consistent with or without using a Wacom tablet and is obviously exaggerated depending on file size.

      My files are consistently minimum 90mb and often go to 1Gb+.



      Appreciate any help.