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    Importing videos: rename uses correct date but sorted to incorrect date folder




      I know there is an issue with importing photos directly from a device, that's not what's happening here.


      I  import photos from my camera's SD card and I rename them as they import.  Photos and video are both renamed correctly, but only the photos are sorted correctly.  The videos seem to sort based on the additional time zone adjustment, so mostly they end up in the folder for the next day (corresponding to an additional +12 hr, as though lightroom was adding the time zone correction to the local time rather than to the GMT time).  In gallery view I need to sort by name in order to sort by capture time because the renaming is the only feature that reads the correct capture time.  Sorting by capture time uses the capture time displayed in the metadata (in the right panel in the library module), which seems unrelated to the capture time.  I think it might have somethign to do with the import time, but it doesn't match any of the properties in windows explorer.


      For example:


      I took a video at 2015-02-07 1509, and that time/date appears in it's name

      It was taken in New Zealand in a +12 hr time zone (so GMT time 2015-02-07 0309, and if we apply the time zone correction to the local time it would be 2015-02-08 0309)

      When is was auto-sorted during the import it ended up in the 2015-02-08 folder

      The lightroom metadata capture time is listed as 2015-02-08 2158

      The windows explorer date modified is 2015-02-08 1509 (the correct capture time)

      The windows explorer date created and date accessed are 2015-02-08 11:27


      Note that the camera has GPS and photos are GPS tagged, so they are linked to the time zone.  As far as I can tell the videos are not GPS tagged (no GPS coordinates in properties in windows explorer).


      I'd like for the metadata to show the correct capture time and for the videos to be sorted by that correct capture time.  Lightroo obviosuly has the ability to read the capture time correctly, because it does so for the naming.  I have no idea what's going on here and would be heaps grateful for help from the wonderful adobe forums community (you guys haven't let me down yet, you beat any customer support line I've ever tried).


      PS: This is the first of a few issues I'm having with lightroom and capture time and  videos, so if you like a challenge stay tuned as I post them all up.  I'm still going through them but briefly:

      - similar video-only issues with videos from another camera: I have to double check to see if the details are the same

      - I'm having time zone issues with screenshots and saved snapchat photos from my iphone even when they are imported from a separate folder

      - accessing the capture time of iphone screenshots/snapchat photos: they get renamed based on a capture time (either the correct or time zone offset, but always something meaningful and not a blank or random time) but lightroom won't display the capture time metadata when looking at only those images, making the time zone adjustment very difficult