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    xml photogallery thumbs prob.. plz help

    sundeep_02tv26 Level 1
      hai to all.. plz help me

      i am doing xml photogallery for my project.
      i completed doing the gallery part but at one point i am stucked.
      here i am loading thumbnails into thumb_mc in _y direction. i have two buttons (up_btn and down_btn) for the thumb_mc to move up and down directions.

      for up_btn the script is :-
      on (press, rollOver) {
      this.thumbnails._y -= 77;

      and for down_btn the script is:-
      on (press, rollOver) {
      this.thumbnails._y += 77;

      but the thumb_mc is moving further than the wanted range. how to say upto the displayed thumbs range only.? plz help