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    Java Security Error on CF 9 but not CF 11


      We are in the process of moving our Intranet based applications from an old Server 2003 box running Cold Fusion 9 to a 2008 box running Cold Fusion 11. The current production server is still Cold Fusion 9.


      A strange thing occurred this morning, an HR user in one of our hospitals got a new Windows 7 computer with Java 8 installed and when she went to use the Recruiting app on our Cold Fusion 9 production server, she got that Java Security error because that page uses <CFGRID> tags, I was able to duplicate the problem by upgrading my workstation Java to Version 8, but the strange thing is the Version 8 it works fine on the new Cold Fusion 11 server. I had copied that application over a few weeks ago and it's been working OK.


      The workaround for now has been to install the Java Version 7 Update version that still allows you to set the security settings to medium and add our Intranet URL to the exception sites.


      Most of what I've read online has to do with Mappings to the CFIDE folder, but all of that is OK, and I'm not getting a great deal of detail from Java on exactly what the problem is. Eventually we'll be live on the Cold Fusion 11 server so it's kind of a moot point, but my boss is wanting to know why, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.