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    InDesign Script for Exporting Each page as a JPEG with Filename based on Linked Image on Each Page

    Chuck D

      Hi scripting community, Ive seen some great scripts on these forums and some of them come close to what I need to. The trick is that is will be receiving images from a database (each image with  a unique name). I will be placing these images (one on each) page in Indesign to add extra text and graphics to. Once done I'd like to export each page out with the same name as the linked graphic on each page.


      Is that possible or am I asking the impossible? I have seem some solutions with placing invisible text boxes on the page with paragraph style etc - but Im not sure that is what I want. Any help is appreciated. If you live in South Australia, then there is a frosty cold box of beer in it for you! And if not - I travel a bit so I may see you on the road.


      Cheers Charlie.