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    problem with flashplayer /security hole/ version

    dorientg1841410 Level 1

      I stil have a bi problem with the new Version, I have a virus or adware who came into my mac,

      https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yy/r/GN23mC2ZFkG.js:13 & full of cookies from Akamaihd, already lost several days of work bcause of that!!!! So guys do you have an efficient solution & safe ???????

      -Already reinstall my all computer to get this **** out of it .... And Now it come back with your new Version

      So what's the solution???

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      answer of m_vargas

      Hi Dorient,

      The URL in question is not an Adobe related URL.  What URL did you to go to download Flash Player from?  We verity the installers are free of viruses, malware, etc before posting them to our servers for download.


      Are you seeing this with every single Flash content you view or is it only on certain sites?  Please provide examples.





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      of course I've got my flash player on : http: // get.adobe.com/fr/ flashplayer.

      So every time I use flash player on firefox I Have this script from https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yy/r/GN23mC2ZFkG.js:13

      and cookies coming on all navigators Safari Firefox Chrome : Akamaihd

      So if I disable Flash player no more problem, so there officially a problem with flash player and made a correction with version but the problem is not solved because there is still a security hole in flash player !!!!!

      So what the solution, if staff doesn't know about this security hole in flash player ???? STRANGE

      I  wanna have a solution ....

      bcause of this I reinstalled my computer with fresh yosemite  not problem during 2 days and after intalling flash player problems are coming back, so for the moment I have uninstall flash player : no more problems...

      So the problem is coming from flash player, so ADOBE HAS TO SOLVE THIS MATTER and make a new version of it!

      Answer to m-vargas This script( https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yy/r/GN23mC2ZFkG.js:13 )coming only with Facebook and cookies from AKAMAIHD in all navigators!!!!!

      My computers don't have any malware / adware bcause I have installed it with frsh yosemite / been tested during few days with no flash player / after installing flsh player from : http: // get.adobe.com/fr/ flashplayer problems are coming back . SO THE PROBLEM IS LINKED TO FLASH PLAYER...

      see also : http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202681