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    Can anybody help me with this quiz problem?

    lettel distribut38006601

      Hi everybody,

      I'm newer on Presenter, but I can tell you that I've understood very well how to use it.


      Well, I've finished my presentation on Power Point, created all quizzes and questions.

      After I record the audio, the quizzes have problems. The answers didn't appear, the button labels also.

      It's very strange because, before to record the audio, I've tested the presentation publishing on HTML5 and SWF and all quizzes were fine.


      See the image:

      Sem título.jpg


      I've tried many things: deleted all questions, cleared the temp files and also created new questions and nothing solved this problem.


      It occurs in a preview mode and publishing in HTML5 and SWF too.


      What's happening?

      Should I re-install Adobe Presenter 10?

      (UPDATED: I've re-installed it and the same problem happen).




      Rafael Bohrer.