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    Alphabetize signature appearance list

    YossiD Level 1

      Where I work, a large number of people are using a single computer to apply digital signatures to documents.


      When the Apply Digital Signature dialog box opens, an alphabetically sorted list of My Digital IDs is displayed. After selecting one, the Apply Signature to Document dialog opens. The Signature Appearance dropdown contains everyone's signature appearance, but the list is not sorted. New appearances are added at the bottom of the list, and this is rather inconvenient when there are many of them.


      Edit>Preferences>Security in Acrobat displays the list of signature appearances and enables them to be edited, but there's no provision to reorder the list.


      I discovered that the signature appearances are kept in the appearances.acrodata file, and that by changing the file extension I could see them all, each on its own page. I hoped that by rearranging the pages in that file I might change the order of signature appearances in the Signature Appearance dropdown, but that didn't work (can't say I'm surprised). Not only did the list stay the same, but the signature appearances no longer correlated with their names - selecting "Harry" gave me "Jane's" signature. I'm guessing that the display list is kept somewhere else, and that I'd have to edit it too, to match the reordering of pages in the appearances.acrodata file.


      Can anyone provide some guidance, or is there a utility somewhere that can help me reorder the signature appearances in the appearances.acrodata file? Otherwise the only solution I can think of is to delete all signature appearances and start over. Can't say I'm too excited about doing that, and I'd have t repeat the process from time to time when new signatures are added.


      I'm using Acrobat 7 Pro.





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          IsakTen Level 4

          This would be a feature request which you should send to Adobe Acrobat Support. You are 3 major versions behind the latest supported and four versions behind the latest version, so I am not sure how Adobe Acrobat Support would react to such request. I also have not heard of anyone else complaining about it, so I am not sure other users would like it. It is very unusual that many different people use the same Acrobat installation to sign with different credentials, which is as I understand it what your case is about. Otherwise, why would you have so many appearances that they overwhelm the drop-down list. Acrobat pre-selects the last used appearance as the one shown in the Appearance box, which is what most people want.