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    I can't install Fireworks form my CS5 Web Premium files


      I've tried ti install Fireworks from my CS5 Web Premium suite and it just won't install. I get a list of errors that seem to show some kind of incompatibility with my existing installations. (Photoshop, dreamweaver, etc).


      I have no clue as what to do next. Support chat told me, and this is a quote, "contact us through here: https://forums.adobe.com". It's like being sent into a black pit.


      I came to the forums, looked at posts which seemed to fit my problem and was dumbfounded at the lack of support. Question after question, some years old, unanswered and basically ignored. It gives one a feeling of being abandoned and it's killed any brand loyalty I had for Adobe products.  I guess, like Flash, most of Adobe's software offerings are no longer as relevant as the were.