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    Presenter 10 skipping slides

    DaveFavor Level 1

      When I create a project from within Power Point 2013 using the Presenter tab and the record button I have slides skipped.  I can run it several times and get random results.  Not sure what is causing this.   On reading the suggestions here I tried opening Presenter 10 instead of Power Point and creating the project using the same set of Power Point slides and so far I have not had any skipped slides.  I am not sure why this is happening.   I am running Presenter 10 on a subscription so I should be getting the latest updates.  I also checked Power Point to make sure that I have all the updates.  Any suggestions as to why this is happening?   The Power Point set I am using is small, only 6 slides so it should not be s size issue. 

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          SuzMM Level 1

          I've had this same problem for a while now and I have to go in and re-record over the slides that are skipped. This takes an ENORMOUS amount of time to have to redo. It does not matter how many slides I am using either.


          I am using Presenter Express installed on a MacBook Pro.

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            DaveFavor Level 1

            Just spent some time chatting with tech support.  For some reason they have never heard of this problem but it seems to be all over the internet.  Anyway their solution was to right click on the Power Point icon and set properties to run as the administrator.  Then put all the source files on the same drive (now on the "C" drive).   OK, I did all that and got the same results.  Next idea was to create a short test presentation so I created a 5 slide test and Presenter skipped slide 3.  On the suggestion from another user I looked at the recorded video (not the edited video) and you can see the missing slide flash by.  It is on screen less than a second.  So it has something to do with the recording.

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              SuzMM Level 1

              Thanks Dave - I'm on a Mac so this wouldn't help me anyway.


              I can't believe they've not heard of this problem!

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                I'm running Presenter 11 and this SAME PROBLEM is driving me a bit crazy. I record new sessions over and over again and EVERY TIME the second to last slide in PowerPoint is skipped during the playback. Never seen anything like this and can't imagine WHY ONE slide would not be recorded when the rest is working perfectly. Help???

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                  shawnb60533650 Level 1

                  I've tried EACH of those troubleshooting ideas (run as administrator, move file to same directly, check final recording, etc) and NOTHING fixes this. Randomly, the second to the last slide only appears for a micro-second in final playback...

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                    renzildsouza Adobe Employee

                    Hi all,


                    We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, as a workaround, applying a transition to the end of a slide will prevent the slide from being skipped.


                    We will update you once we have the fix ready.


                    Thank you,

                    Renzil D'Souza

                    Adobe Presenter Video Express Team

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                      I have the same problem with Video Express 11 skipping slides. Every 4th slide in a presentation is not recorded although the audio is recorded and the slide is visible when recording. I have found Video Express to be completely unusable. It is the a completely useless pieces of screen capture software for this reason and also because the "make by background awesome" feature is completely useless on people with blonde or grey hair because those come out invisible with the application. I have given up on video express and now only use Camtasia for this type of application.