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    Why is My MetaData Window of Bridge CS6 Displaying Incorrect File info?

    MarkRomine Level 1

      The File Properties tab in the MetaData Window of Bridge CS6 is saying that my file is 72 ppi but when I open my file in PS it is actually 300 ppi 15x10 inches. See screen grab below. I understand that 72 ppi at 125" x 41.7" is the same as a 300 ppi file that is 30" x 10" or 9000 x 3000 pixels dimensions. But why is bridge making this conversion and displaying the file resolution as being 72 ppi when the file is 300 ppi? Is there a preference setting somewhere that I need to change?


      When I look at these same files from another networked machine using Bridge CS6 the Metadata window is showing the files as being 300 ppi? Is there a setting inside Bridge somewhere that is making it show all files in the Metadata window as being based upon a 72 ppi resolution?


      Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.27.13 AM.png